The unstable quality of the recycled robots sold on the trading platform made the platform full of scams to force gullible investors with limited information to make unavailing deals or fall for shady marketing schemes by using low standards

“Nursing bot” scam targeting seniors was uncovered, dozens of the elderly believe they were talking to their kids. Scams were so convincing you'd be fooled by them for days. A team of young bot makers were so dedicated they managed to create more than 30 bots who worked together to attack a network of nursing homes

Study Finds Having Affairs with AI Currently Prevalent Among Married Couples. A class action lawsuit was filed against the AI company. More marriages have fallen apart after their partners got AI spouses

Woman Accused for Planting Deepfake Evidence Exposing Husband’s Extramarital Affair. Police Believe Fake Story Was Likely Taken from a friend who posted it online under 'Dirty Wife' blogs about her husband with alleged infidelity

Starred by an actress who died years ago, a movie was unveiled using Deepfake to complete. Major television network and the creator also took part in a media campaign to release Deepfreeze on global media with the goal of forcing an unauthentic actor and actress to play a powerful role