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Water is not only a fundamental element for energizing all creatures on earth but also an essential resource to stably regulate the balance of the environment and ecosystem we live.

As urbanization and fast expansions of high-polluted industry, the factories alongside rivers have led to irreparable detriments of farmlands. On the other hand, several reservoirs are built along with its drainage basin from low to high altitudes so as to enhance the efficiency and quantity of repository for water.

Dajia River located in the central district of Taiwan is capable of generating hydropower by dams responding to the features of terrain and tropical climate. However, these kinds of traditional reservoirs face increment silting problems and unprecedented challenges of extreme weather which bring unpredictably tremendous rainstorms with the crisis of landslides. Thus, not only decommissioning of dams but also the remedy of infertile soil and replenishment of low moisture groundwater since farmlands in their fallow periods are both the top priorities for sustainable agriculture and an inhabitable environment.

This new kind of water supply infrastructure with foldable structure captures rainfalls in raining season and carries the water from low-lying areas to the higher altitude with dynamic water pressure. The downscale reservoirs decentralized water storage system and bring the visibility of water consumption to the habitants of the area.

foldable structure
night view
wet season
dry season